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Rural Arts

Redefining community…What does the future hold for rural America? For rural S.C.?

A scene from the small community of St. George in Dorchester County, December 2010


Rural population hits record low….

Washington, D.C.–Rural America now accounts for just 16 percent of the nation’s population, the lowest ever.

The latest 2010 census numbers hint at an emerging America where, by midcentury, city boundaries become indistinct and rural areas grow ever less relevant. Many communities could shrink to virtual ghost towns as they shutter businesses and close down schools, demographers say.

-From wire reports, 7-28-2011, State Newspaper.


Welcome to a new page on SC Arts Spot

This new page on SC Arts Spot will be a resource page for those of you working in rural and small communities. Learn from each other.  Connect with art makers, producers and presenters around our state whatever their zipcodes.  Have you found an informative article that references working in rural communities?   Do you know an artist who has created a vibrant business?   Do you have a program you want to share with a larger community?  Let us know and we’ll post ideas, resources and new ideas here. 

Making the arts grow in South Carolina

What’s happening???

Making the arts grow….From across South Carolina, you came to share, listen and reconsider your work as artists, as arts administrators and as community developers.   The March 22 Rural Arts Exchange, a conference developed and produced by the S.C. Arts Commission, created a venue for cross pollination of ideas and resources.  Partners in this “exchange” include those listed below.

Regional and Statewide Resources

  • ABC Project…A partnership program between the S.C. Arts Commission, Winthrop University and the S.C. Department of Education, this program works to proved leadership to achieve a quality comprehensive arts education for all S.C. students. Do you know if you have an “ABC” school in your school district?  Check out this list to see.
  • Awendaw Green…From barn jams to music festivals, visit this website to learn more about this Lowcountry organization’s programs that celebrate and promote local and regional musicians.
  • Catawba Cultural Preservation Project…Located inYorkCounty, this Native American organization’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote the rich heritage of the Catawba Indian Nation.  See many items listed for sale in this online craft store.
  • Clemson University Sandhill Research and Education Center…Learn more about how this program works to  meet  the needs of  South Carolinians and beyond. Also check out the Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development which helps communities utilize their resources more efficiently.    
  • Clemson Extension Serv. … Do you know your Clemson Extension Agent?  Make sure he or she is in your team.
  • Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor…If you live or work in one of South Carolina’s coastal communities, learn more about the history and culture that surrounds you.   Consider how you can partner and help showcaseSouth Carolina’s rich history as you learn more about contributions of our Gullah communities.
  • Humanities Council SC…Longtime partner with the Arts Commission…be sure to consider this important organization as a grant resource when planning your next event or progra
  • Making it Grow/ETV …Find out how this program connects with garderners and farmers and plant lovers across our state.  Do you have a relationship with the gardeners in your community?
  • McKissick Museum …Learn more about thisUniversity ofSouth Carolina institution that tells the story of Southern  life–its community, culture and the environment.  One ofSouth Carolina’s treasures. 
  • The Rensing Center… Need flow?  Check out this unique upstate organization rooted in creativity and the land, gathers artists for residencies, art making, workshops, retreats and more.
  • SC African American Heritage Commission …Join this important organization as it works to identify and promote the preservation of historic sites, structures, buildings, and culture of the African American experience inSouth Carolina.
  • SC Arts Alliance…Learn more about how this organization helps support the arts across our state.
  • SC Dept. of Agriculture…Check out the variety of work this agency does and notice its calendar of events listing. Is an event happening near you?  Could you benefit from a partnership with this state agency?
  • SC Nat’l Heritage Corridor… Discover an “arts trail” inSouth Carolina. Check out this interactive map and learn more about our state’s rich arts resources.
  • SC Rural Development Council …The goal of this council is to provide a framework within which federal government resources can be used in combination with those of state and local governments, private businesses and nonprofit organizations, to promote rural economic development.
  • SC State 1890 Extension … With services provided in 33 of South Carolina’s 46 counties,  this important resource offers public service for rural and urban limited-resource families who are in need of the latest research-based scientific knowledge, sustainable practices in agriculture, financial management, business development, parenting skills, health and nutrition, and computer skills.  Its  programs include 4-H, adult leadership and community and business development.  Make sure you connect with this important resource.
  • SC State Library…Longtime partner with the Arts Commission…interested in making more connections in your community?  Consider how you can involve your local library in your work.
  • State Farmers Market…A great setting for our meeting.  Check out their facility for your next occasion.  
  • US Dept. of Agriculture…Have you considered this resource for your rural community?  Begin a relationship today with this important organization that has made tremendous investment in some ofSouth Carolina’ s most rural communities

NOTE:  Not on this list and want to be?  Please contact us and we’ll add your organization. Let’s keep this list growing and relevant to our small and rural communities.

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  1. July 23, 2011 2:36 pm

    The Art Association of Ridge Spring offers a diverse display of rural art talent from seventeen local artists. The charming town offers art, antiques, agriculture and Southern charm. Ridge Spring is a great place for a day trip. Most shops are opened Thursday-Saturday from 10-4. Contact us by email Joanne Crouch, president of AARS

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